About Your Nutrition Consultation.

Your initial appointment lasts 90-120 minutes where we will explore all aspects of your health and look at not just the symptoms but look at the pieces of the puzzle to find the root cause. This initial consultation costs £90.


Together we will create an individualised plan to help you achieve your wellness goals. This plan will be based aroundfood, lifestyle and supplement recommendations as appropriate.


You will receive a typed copy of these recommendations along with the resources needed to put them into practive including menu planning and recipes.


Follow up appointments are usually scheduled at 6 week intervals, but each client journey is unique and so this will be agreed together at the initial appointment. Follow up appointments usually last 45-60 minutes. Follow up appointments cost £50.


Skype consultations and home visits are also available on request.


Consultations can take place from 9am to 8pm Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thursday and Friday evening and weekend appointments are also available upon request.


Take a look at our Courses and Packages page for details of special packages currently available.

Every client is unique and every plan is individualised in recognition of this.