There is nothing more enjoyable than helping people to reach there individual goals, supporting them with their individual health challenges and being part of their journey towards optimal health and wellbeing.

This is what some of them have to say...

A chance meeting with Debbie led me to ask her about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E., a condiiton I have suffered with for over 15 years. In all that time I have never had a health professional in any field who offered any hope whatsoever. Debbie was completely unfazed by the question. What followed was a rational, down to earth,  common sense explanation of what had happened to me.

I was so impressed by her breadth of knowledge and compassion I immediately booked an appointment. After filling in a comprehensive health and dietary questionnaire we had a meeting. I am not exaggerating when I say 'meeting her changed my life'.

She recommended some vitamin and mineral supplements and a change to a more nutrient rich diet, by no means extreme, explaining fully how these changes could work. We hadn't realised until then that I had been unconsciously hungry for most of my life! The symptom being carbohydrate cravings, no good when you are a diabetic. In her common sense way she told me that I had been ill for many years and to take my time whilst not expecting too much too soon.

However, I started the supplements and slowly changed my diet. After only 3 days I noticed a dramatic reduction in M.E. symptoms. The extreme fatigue, muscle pain, brain fog and depressive/despairing mental state just stopped! And after 2 weeks a lifetime's attitude to food and eating had completely changed. Paradoxically I now eat probably 30% less volume of food than I did previously and never feel hungry. If asked 'how do you feel now?' I am lost for words. I have a complete absence of symptoms and an end to the continual concern for my physical and mental wellbeing. I AM NORMAL AGAIN! I am absolutely amazed that after all this time it was so simple to improve my health.

Am I glad I met Debbie Grayson? I cannot thank her enough, she gave me back my life. THANK YOU DEBBIE.


Following surgery for breast cancer and all of the horrible treatments that follow Debbie realised that I was struggling with the final months of chemotherapy. As a pharmacist she is ideally placed to understand exactly how the orthodox medicine is working within the body and select a regime to complement and support that treatment.

With Debbie's help, after several weeks of vitamins, minerals and probiotics, these last few months became bearable. 


I'm so glad I went to see Debbie! This lady is empathetic and understanding and I felt at home with her straight away. Together we explored my health concerns in a relaxed environment and Debbie was able to describe to me better than I could what I was going through! We went through some checks on blood pressure, she's very thorough! I'm still undergoing hospital tests but it's a great relief to have Debbie there, understanding what is going on, being able to explain and reassure, and she has provided a comprhensive package, specific to me, to help me get back on track. She's there for ongoing support too, and a willing ear if there's anything I don't understand or any concerns I may have. It's given me confidence. This lady knows  her stuff, and can apply it.